Goals and Dreams

I think it’s normal if you ask a medic student,

“Why do you take medicine/why do you want to become a doctor?”

Most of us will give generic cliche answers. To be honest maybe half of us don’t even have the exact answer to that. We just want to be one. We know it’s rough and all that but.. we just know it within us that that’s the field. Sure, at some point throughout the journey some of us would start questioning ourselves back but most of the times the better question is, “Why not medicine?”

Why Not Medicine?

This is the question that first leads me into this course. I was known to be very much involved in engineering courses, subjects and activities in high school. But to be honest, in the background, I’m totally fine with other science subjects – that includes Biology subject. Continuing in foundation level, I noticed I excel better in Biology compared to others (including maths, physics, and chemistry). At the end of the foundation, my pointer allows me to apply for the most competitive course in the university – medicine.

I don’t write because I hate my own opinion.

I’ve made tons of blogs, diaries, etc. None of it ever stayed because:

  1. I’m a bad writer. I don’t write a lot, though I think writing is important. I personally think that my writing isn’t that interesting and my language isn’t the best in the world.
  2. I cringe at my own writing. This is one of the biggest problem with me. I might have this strong opinion at a moment, write it down on my blog, then the next day when I read it I might feel as if an emo kid is writing it.
  3. I don’t have consistency. Some people say you don’t really need consistency. Just write anything when you feel like it. Make it a habit. Problem is, I have other habits. Habits like watching YouTube, scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and stuff like that. So clicking on WordPress or Blogger isn’t usually the first thing I’m invested to do.
  4. I feel as if nobody reads or listens. I usually express my feelings to my friends, either by simply talking to them or by texting them. So, sometimes when I’m writing, one of the biggest question is, who’s reading this? Who cares?

Anyways, I still love writing and I will try to keep doing it time to time.